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An Internet Explanation

Internet Explained The internet is the connecting of computers and other divices, usually by telephone lines, cable or wireless. Each computer has a modem which sends and receives from each other. The connection to the internet is made from a computer through a modem to an internet service provider who then connects you to the internet.

The internet consists of routers which decide how the information is to be sent. Routers take the information in packets and decide in milliseconds by speaking to each other which route is the fastest. Thus, one line of type will be sent in a number of packets all by different routes. This makes up a web of lines which is the World Wide Web.

E-mail is sending messages via the World Wide Web using your service provider. These messages when sent by you, stay with the service provider of the recipient until asked for. E-mail travels in fractions of a second anywhere in the world. You can send letters, pictures, movies, sounds, and even three dimensional pictures!

     Web pages are documents residing on a server to be seen by anyone. They are linked by hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are addresses in a computer language code called hyper text markup language (HTML). This code enables your browser to read and communicate on the internet. A browser is the software which your computer uses to navigate, read and send e-mail, and interact with pages.

You navigate on the web using your mouse to click on pictures, hyperlinks, and other elements to interact with the web. A search engine, available through your browser, is the method used to search on the web for general or specific subjects. Enter a few words, a phrase or a question and the search is made in all web pages in less then a second. The results are brought back for you to check at your leisure.

Secure financial communication has enabled instant commercial use on the internet opening up infinite markets for convenient home and office shopping on a world wide basis. More and more products and services in a commercially viable process are available.

Every day thousands of more people join the web. They come for knowledge, entertainment, and interactive communication to enrich their lives just as you will on the internet.

For a more definitive information site: Living Internet

* The above synopsis is only an attempt to educate on a broad and general level, not to be a definitive resource.