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Top Ten Web Site Promotional Tips
For Online Success
Top Ten Web Site Tips Increasingly business site owners are seeking to maximize their exposure on the internet to their established and potential clients. Putting together a marketing plan and long term strategy to further these goals are well worth while.

The following Ten Promotional Tips are to help implement these goals. These tips are not in any particular order and will be of different value to the user for their web site functions.
  1. Maximize exposure: put your domain address everywhere you can. Make sure it's on your stationery, all your magazine and print media ads, your phone hold/answering messages, promotional items, trade show exhibits, turn your fleet of trucks into mobile billboards for promotion- wherever people look, let them see your address on the web. Let them find the answers to their questions online and be a better educated buyer.

  2. Place as many of the forms you use for first sign-up and day-to-day activities on your site as possible. Whether they are online forms, or static files such as Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word, you can get a new client started off on the right foot and save yourself time and expense as well. Forms for employment are often useful online, too.

  3. Promote your web site to the search engines as often as possible. Be sure to update the site content for maximum return. Consider well thought out paid-inclusion and pay-per-click search engine campaigns for more highly targeted and qualified site visitors.

  4. Put your business information online; but also put information pertaining to your expertise, and to your community. Include links to outside sites that can further your business aims.

  5. Create and regularly send out a newsletter to keep clients and potential clients informed. Archive past newsletters online to enrich visitors' experience at your site.

  6. Consider a shopping cart for your site if you are selling products, as opposed to services, via the internet. Instant gratification is a powerful incentive for additional sales.

  7. Just like any retail outlet, your web site needs a new look and feel to consolidate old material and promote a fresher look. Take advantage of new technologies and changes and improvements in your business products and services to present a fresh face on the web.

  8. Use the web to promote new ideas, products, or services first. You can try out a new concept more quickly and for less money on the web.

  9. Be sure to use a signature file on each e-mail you send that reflects your business identity. A signature file is another great place for your web site address.

  10. Update your site regularly to excite the interest of viewers and search engines. An unchanging web site month after month will not bring back or hold viewers.

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